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Down/the Line

hippo sweat

We are super stoked to be sponsored by this new brand Hippo Sweat, vegan, all natural sunscreen, made in sunny California. We have been using it since last summer, for long hours while surfing and going on hikes, and it works great!

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Hippo Sweat was started for the sole purpose of creating an awesome, all natural, yet long lasting form of protection from long days in the sun.  The name Hippo Sweat came to light when we discovered that back in the day, researchers believed that hippos would sweat blood, because of a red mucus like secretion that came from their head, which actually acted like a natural sunscreen and an anti-bacterial agent to keep their battle wounds free from infection. 


This classic surfboard brand has been supporting Matty's surf since the very beginning. We are super proud to travel in the van with 2 favorite sticks from Kookbox. Make sure to check them out if you are looking for the ultimate surf experience

Based in NY, and founded in 2008, Kookbox has worked with many of the greatest shapers, glassers and tradesmen in the surf industry. As well as collaborating with countless artist, photographers, surfers and like minded brands.