Down/the Line
Down/the Line

Down/the Line is a web journal, documenting the day to day between surf, travel and life in a van. The idea is to share the spirit of far away lands and inspire people to get out there.

Photo by Tin Ojeda

Photo by Tin Ojeda


My name is Ingrid Silva, I am a photographer/videographer from Peru. My partner is Mathieu Liot, musician and artist from New York. We are both surfers, artists, and highly aware of the need for change in human consciousness.

We are planning a journey across USA, from coast to coast first. And continuing across the Americas, through the Panamercian highway all the way South to the tip of Chile.

Our goal is to document our journey through photography, illustrations, video and audio recording. We’d like to explore the way others live and share experiences with people we meet along the way. Make music, record traditional songs with locals and integrate sounds from all over America.  At the same time create awareness of our environmental impact on climate change, and how eating less meat, recycling, using your own re-usable shopping bags as well as your own re-usable water container instead of buying it every time, are a few individual, easy options that become a major step in the right direction to save our planet. We want to celebrate the spirit of exploration, in the greenest possible way. And at the same time plant the seed of new ideas and easy individual methods to help curb the climate change process, by leading with example.

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FOURTH PART: South America

We crossed the Darien Gap finally! The van was shipped in a container and we flew into Cartagena, Colombia. A new chapter in this amazing journey, South America is vast, it feels like we started the trip again. Long gone are the days when we were able to cross a country in 1 day...

THIRD PART: Central America

We made it to Central America, so far it's been a dream come true. Volcanoes, magical lakes, black sand beaches and endless surf spots to explore...


On November 2nd we crossed the border to Mexico through Tecate. Baja California treated us very good: empty waves, the desert, veggie tacos and new friends were part of our daily lives. We were in mainland 4 months, had to drive to the border with Guatemala to renew our visas, run into some trouble, solved our issues and were able to enjoy a few more weeks in this incredible country. We left our van in Mexico for the summer and went back to NY to work and save some cash to keep going South. Got back to Mexico on October 1st, flew to Cuba for Ingrid's birthday and then back to our van in Puerto Escondido. Finally our visas were expiring again so the inevitable time to cross the border to Guatemala was upon us.

FIRST PART: Across the Americas, from the East Coast to the West Coast

We left Sag Harbor, NY on Monday, Feb. 16th at 6:30PM. After 7 pit stops all over Long Island we arrived in Brooklyn on Tuesday, Feb. 17th at 2AM. The time we spent in the city has been amazing but the cold has been brutal. So our original route throughout Philadelphia,Washington, Asheville and Nashville has changed to going directly to Atlanta. A record-setting cold air mass has kept its icy grip on much of the central and eastern U.S. so we decided to head south sooner as waking up in the van with 10 degrees Fahrenheit was no joke. And so we take the southern(more or less) route towards California.

We made it across the country, from NY to California in 3 months. Additionally, it took us 1 1/2 months to explore the California coast before we flew back to NY to work for the summer.