To go on the Great American Journey

To go on the Great American Journey

Trying to leave home hasn't been easy. Our original idea was to leave after Thanksgiving, 2014 but we didn't.  See, I had applied for my citizenship a few months ago because leaving the county for more than 6 months as a permanent resident could be tricky, as you can be denied re-entry on your way back. I calculated that the process would be done by November, but it wasn't that way. Ever heard 'if you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans'. A few weeks went by and finally I got the appointment for Jan. 20th at 8:30AM, the Oath Ceremony, the last step to my citizenship, quite a special day. 


Matty has been sketching some designs before starting to build up. Measuring the space and figuring what is the best set up for us took a lot of time and research but we are getting there. I am ordering a bunch of things online, and we are also starting to pack our lives away...

The van is coming together and Matty has adapted the empty cargo vehicle into our new camper home. We bought a Ford e-250 cargo van, 4WD Quigley conversion, she is a Beast. So far it has a Fantastic fan/vent on the ceiling, 200 sq ft of Reflectix insulation on the walls, doors and floor, and  a solid bed frame.


A swivel chair, shelves, racks, a ladder, a solar panel and custom made curtains. It's the last stretch and now we just have to fill it up and get on the road before it snows again.