I always dreamt of going to Zion NP, something about the name intrigued me for the longest time. After spending a few days exploring the park I understood why. Isaac Behunin, the first permanent European-American settler in the canyon named his new home Zion, remarking, “A man can worship God among these great cathedrals as well as in any man-made church – this is Zion.”

There is always so much to see… we walked to the Weeping rock first thing. Delicate streams of water falling down the rock walls, the sunset light filtering through, and green moss scattered everywhere, giving life to this phenomenal rock formation.

The Virgin river, always present, is the body of water that shaped the canyons, grottos and narrows in the area. The waterfalls at the Emerald pools were dancing with the wind as we arrived there, welcoming us. You could see the presence of the water Spirit everywhere.

It’s interesting how most of the names of the various landmarks are biblical references, but it makes a lot of sense. Walking up to Angel’s Landing wasn’t the easiest, it took us a couple of hours, but once we got there, the view, the breeze and the silence made me feel like we are One, all connected.

At every moment Zion reminded me of the holiness of Nature, how it makes sense to be out there, how exploring this amazing land and getting to know it up-close and personal, is the same as exploring and getting to know my own self.