Suspending our Vehicle Permit in Lima, Peru

Suspending our Vehicle Permit in Lima, Peru

We usually don’t write this kind of posts but I had to do so much research to leave our car legally in Lima, that I decided we must share this information. So here it is, a PRACTICAL GUIDE TO SUSPENDING YOUR VEHICLE IMPORT PERMIT.

If you are proficient in Spanish or have a friend that can translate for you, go to the link in the SUNAT web site and follow the instructions. Click here Suspension del Plazo del CIT

It mentions on the instructions that you can ask for the suspension via e-mail but they told us that we had to do it in person so I wouldn’t even try and loose time that way.

First of all collect all the documents you need!


Print and fill the form ANEXO 5. We had to suspend the permit because Matty broke his wrist and went back to USA for surgery, but they never asked us for proof of anything. We asked for more time than needed just in case, which was 4 months and a half and we got it no problem.

ANX 5 I.jpg
ANX 5 II.jpg



You must also have a CONTRACT with the person or place where your vehicle will stay. It used to be a simple agreement but now it has to have stipulations, it’s silly but we had to re-do our contract because of this, even when we were leaving the car at my mother’s place and there was no real money exchange at all. The contract must say from when to when the car will be parked at the place. Just like in the ANEXO 5, ask for more time just in case, if you think that for any reason you might take longer, etc.

We also attached a copy of:

  • garage owner ID

  • electricity bill with the name of the owner to proof legal residence




OWNER’S PASSPORT, you need a copy of THE PERSONAL info page in your passport and the page with your ENTRY STAMP





To get the POLICE CERTIFICATE, go to the closest Police Station to where your car is parked, say you need a CONSTANCIA DE UBICACION DE MI VEHICULO, they might look confused and might not get it, but tell them it is for a ‘Tramite para la SUNAT’ and show them a sample.

You will also have to go to Banco de la Nacion and pay a small fee for your certified copy, you will have to bring the receipt to the Police Station to get your copy. Your CERTIFICATE will be ready in 24 hours or less.

Here is your sample.



Make 2 copies of everything, they will take one set of copies and you will keep a copy for yourself with an official stamp with your case number.

There are several SUNAT offices in Lima but you must go to:

ADUANA MARITIMA DEL CALLAO - Av. Guardia Chalaca 149, Callao. HOURS 8AM-1PM/2-4PM. They will send your file to the border office where you entered the country.

The process takes about 2 weeks, more or less, no guarantees of time. But remember you must ask for the suspension before your permit expires.

You will get the notification of suspension by e-mail.


  • If for any reason you must leave the country really fast, leave all the documents signed, and also leave a PODER NOTARIAL to whoever might be doing the paperwork for you. It’s not a big deal, they have no reason to deny you the suspension of the permit if you have a valid reason, medical or family matters, etc. Just make sure you say this person has the freedom to do all paperwork related to this process AND LATER ON, the suspension lifted, and/or driving the car out of the country, just in case you don’t make it back on time. Better safe than sorry!

  • Another important piece of information regarding the Vehicle Import Permit is that the law has recently changed in Peru. Back in the day if you went 1 day over your CIT your car would definitely be impounded. Not any more. Now you can go over up to one month calendar paying a fee per day when you leave(NOT MORE THAN 1 MONTH). The only issue you must have in consideration is that, if you get pulled over by a cop and your permit is expired, they will try to make a big deal out of it, and you will have to explain them abou the new law. Click HERE for the legal details on this new law and read TÍTULO IV -SANCIONES APLICABLES

  • We end up having lunch around the corner from the SUNAT and had the best experience eating at a little stand two blocks away towards the big circle. If you haven’t tried a Ceviche de Conchas Negras, you must go to this corner and look for Carlos, his ceviche is the best! Order a ceviche mixto, fish and conchas negras, it’s only 15 soles, you won’t regret. If you don’t know yet, conchas negras grow in the mangroves in Tumbes, on the border with Ecuador, the mud in the mangroves is what gives them the black color. Carlos also sells chicha morada(purple corn drink), chicha de jora(fermented corn drink) and cold beers. That meal made the whole trip to El Callao worth it! Here’s a little taste of it.



Print and fill 2 copies of ANEXO 6 form, the last link on the instructions for suspending your vehicle permit.

Attach copy of the documents they ask for: the CONTRACT you made for the parking space, Police Certificate, PASSPORT, and VEHICLE TITLE. You must do this the latest the last day of your suspension. Go to the same office you went the first time.

They will receive your petition and someone will call you in a couple days to make an appointment to confirm the car is in the same place. The SUNAT officer will meet you there and give you your permit back, the permit will be running starting the next day so you have time to got get your insurance(SOAT) for whatever time you have left in the country.

ANX 6.jpg


We overstayed our vehicle permit 7 days and had to pay a fee per day but we managed to get a big discount. Our exit border was through Arica, and the officer didn’t know how to go about it so he sent us to his supervisor. It took way longer than necessary but being patient and keeping calm helped improve the situation.

The key is saying that you want to pay the fee, and specifically say “queremos acogernos al beneficio de REGIMEN DE INCENTIVOS, que nos da un descuento”. We end up paying 105 soles instead of 1050 soles, which means that with this discount you end up paying only 10% of the total fee. They won’t just give you the discount though, you MUST ask for it!

Good luck to all of our fellow travelers, hope this info helps you find the path of least resistance to all the paperwork that needs to be done. It’s not as painful as it seems.