Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks

As we travel from the East Coast to the West Coast, we are discovering how beautiful North America is, and how good is the people that lives here. We are currently in the middle of the country, New Mexico, the heart of the land. Santa Fe is our base for now, you can feel how it is an energy vortex and it’s hard to leave. There’s a lot to see around, one of the places that left a great impression on us is Tent Rocks National Monument.

It’s hard to imagine that such a special place lies only 40 miles SW of Santa Fe, NM. The high dessert already has beautiful colors and the sky is incredibly clear but as you get to Kasha-Katuwe you can feel the energy of the place. It took between 6 and 7 million years for this geological formations to develop. The tent rocks feel like beings observing time, like if they were a big family with lives of their own. Walking through the slot canyon towards the top of the mesa is a breathtaking experience, the walls and the geological formations are so perfect they seem cut with a precision blade.

More than anything here, it feels like Earth is a real planet, with the erosion, the colors, the wind, all the raw elements exposed. I am falling in love with New Mexico and so far this place has awed me the most since we left NY.