EARTHSHIPS, a new concept of housing

EARTHSHIPS, a new concept of housing

"The future must see a self-contained vessel capable of sustaining an environment for human habitat on its own, through its own interfacing with natural phenomena. This would allow the vessel to be taken anywhere - to the top of a mountain, out in the dessert, to an island, anywhere. It would be an Earthship". -Michael Reynolds.

Imagine a home that you can build yourself, with your own hands. Imagine that it is self sustainable. No need of a heater or AC. Imagine you can generate your own power, collect your own water and grow your own food. Imagine an Earthship, it is possible, it is the future today.

This is what we found at the 'Greater World Community' in Taos, New Mexico. A group of people with a vision to create a different world, one where we live in harmony with nature, where there's no need to be connected to external power sources so by default there's no bills to pay, where the resources are used in an intelligent way, and where the old mentality of wasteful societies is no longer a trend. A great inspiration. This is the way we want to live when we settle down, once you have this knowledge, there's no way to go back.


TIRE WALLS: Behind the adobe are used automobile tires rammed with earth. Earth-rammed tires create the thermal mass which passively heats and cools the building by absorbing heat when the surroundings are hotter and releasing heat when the surroundings are cooler.


ADOBE MUD WALL: These walls were coated and finish plastered with adobe mud. Adobe mud is a mixture of dirt, sand, straw, and water. These natural materials can be found virtually anywhere in the world. Adobe is extremely durable and has been a reliable building material for thousands of years. This medium is specially noted for its thermal mass properties.


WATER CATCHMENT AND STORAGE: Water flows via gravity from the roof, to the cisterns, to the Water Organizing Module. They are buried into the berm to prevent cistern degradation and to maintain desirable water conditions. Calculating household usage with the area's annual precipitation levels will determine storage needs.It is good to adjust water usage to natural shifts in precipitation.


GROWING FOOD year round is a possibility with big windows facing south, taking maximum advantage of the sun, and watering the plants with an ingenious recycling water system.


Earthships are made of different recycled materials and come in different shapes, always trying to keep harmony with the surrounding environment. I find them to be really beautiful structures.

If you want to learn more about this amazing way of building please visit Earthship Biotechture's website.